European Network for Traveller Education (ENTE)

Initiativ Group 01.12.05

model of structure

1.The overall aim

In order to develop and to coordinate the cooperation of all those concerned in the guarantee of the right of the education of the children of travellers in Europe there need to be established an adequate structure ;

"Europeanl Network for Traveller Education – ENTE _ ".

ENTE has to act in the order of the participated European countries.

2.The European Initiators

In order to prepare an outline a group of Initiators has been installed in 2004. This group has described in this paper some considerations regarding the content and the organizational form:

Ludo Knaepkens (BE), Birgid Örtel (D), Annette Schwer (D), Helga Sinner (D), Kathy Turner (GB), Wouter Tuyn (NL), Martin L.Treichel (D).

3. The principles

Regarding the new structure the following principles are proposed :
a) The main task has to be the networking and the cooperation between the schools and institutions directly involved in the education and the schooling of the children and the youngsters of the Travellers and their parents.
b) If the European structure “ENTE” has important personnel and/or working costs, they may not be financed via funds of separated European projects. Therefore it is necessary to aim for a solid and adequate Core Funding from 2007 on via the EU
(f.e.“Jean Monnet”- programme) and via alternative/additional proportional funding from the EU member states.
c) ENTE has a tripartite form (see annex 1).The main domain is the “Platform” (“Educational Platform for Travellers in Europe”). The work of the Platform will be secured by the “Agency” “ (Educational Agency for Travellers in Europe).

The “Service Point” is responsible for the coordination and for the gathering and dissemination of information.


The new structure has to be a “Network” for the further development of the Education and the related conditions regarding the specific needs of the children and the youngsters of the Travellers at the European level.

Therefore the Network
- has to facilitate the exchange of information and practices between schools, institutions , teachers and inspection.
- is the contact partner for the parents, the teachers, the unions, the national authorities and the EU-Institutions (EU Commission and Parliament).
- has to guarantee the dissemination of relevant actual information to all the partners concerned.
- can collect / compile and disseminate the experiences , products and outcomes (as far as
resources are available).
- develops a Web-site.

5. Organization of the ENTE-network

ENTE will be practice and target group orientated.
There are two independently working divisions (the “Platform” and the “Agency” ) and there is a service bureau ( the “ Service Point”).

5.1“European Platform for Travellers Education“:
the operative division.

The partners of this platform are schools (regular schools, specific schools for travelling learners), teachers, educational Institutions.

A committee of five leading persons from the schools/Institutions involved will coordinate the platform. This committee will have regular meetings (at least once a year ). The members of the committee nominate a chairman and a substitute.

The most important tasks of the platform are :
- the preparation and the coordination of the project proposals submitted to the EU Institutions or other organisations /Institutions.
- the development and the exchange of teaching approaches and materials.
- the exchange of ideas , information and products/outcomes.
- the support of the travelling children when they travel from one country/region to another.
- the setting up of a help-desk for the parents and the schools regarding the schooling of the travelling learners in the neighbouring countries/regions.
- the monitoring of the realisation of international projects as far as the platform is involved.
- to promote existing measures of training

-The Platform is the contact partner for the agency ( see 5.2.) .
-The Platform is responsible for the working of the “Service Point “ (see 5.3.) .

The financing of the Platform actions need to be done via national funding (regular national administration- or training-budgets) and via funds of the EU-Projects.

5.2. European Agency for Travellers Educatio - EATE:
the policy division.

The partners of the Agency are representatives of the Ministries of Education from the European countries.

Representatives of the politicians, representatives of the Professional Associations and representatives of European Parental Associations can be invited for the “Advisory Committee” of the Agency .

The tasks of the Agency are :
- to support and to guarantee the working of the “Platform” at the national level. The Agency examines and evaluates the initiatives , the proposals and the reports of the “Platform” and will transform these into resolutions and decisions according to the national/regional needs.
- the communication with the EU-Commission and the EU-Parliament.
- to bring the pedagogical and organizational standards of the schooling of the learners of the travellers closer together.

The members of the Agency will have meetings regularly.

A Spokesperson and a substitute will coordinate the working of the Agency .

The Advisory Committee consults the Agency.

5.3. “Service Point for Travellers Education”

The Service Point will work – if the financing is ensured – with a coordinator and a secretary.
The accommodation will be organized in the Rijdende School in Geldermalsen (NL)

The tasks of the Service Point are
- a European wide contact point regarding educational issues for parents, learners and associations .
- to collect/compile and publish information and documentation regarding the Education and the School organization for Travelling learners.
- to propose/ to indicate national/regional contact persons.
- to support the contact and the collaboration between “platform” and “agency”.
- the support of the cooperation between national and regional data bases regarding the documentation/information an the support of the school career of learners.
- the development of a web-site.
- to support the platform regarding the submission and the realisation of projects.

6. Transferrules

The network ENTE will start at 2005-12-01 and will be built up during the year 2006. The initiative group coordinates ENTE for that time, the parts of ENTE are not yet founded.
The initiative Group names a coordinator and a deputy..