European Network for Traveller Education


Organisations and foundations from different EU-countries who are involved in the education and the training of the travelling -around sections of the population ,have founded ENTE on the first of December 2005.

ENTE wants to set-up an adequate and durable structure for the co-ordination and co-operation on European level.

ENTE is in the first place a forum of schools and educational institutions  This forum will prepare and co-ordinate (or let this do by others) concrete projects and proposals of schools, foundations or teachers. ENTER will exchange   experiences , materials and information, and offer a helpdesk.

For contacts with the European Commission and the European Parliament and the authorities of the member-states and the regions there is coming up the “European Agency for Travellers Education”   that appeals on the  representative organisations of the  travelling around sections of the population, and  the political- and  policy-   responsible

A small-scale “service –point” is created . The “service-point” supports both initiatives, collects and spreads information about the education of the travelling around sections of the populations ,supports concrete projects and controls the website of ENTE.
The service- point is accommodated at the “Stichting Rijdende School”in the Netherlands